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This is to certify that the Quality Systems of Vitusa Products, Inc.  Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922, has been assessed and registered as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2000


Like artists who approach their craft with total dedica­tion, discipline and pride, our managers, sales represen­tatives and customer service people at Vitusa Products ensure the utmost quality level for every product we that we ship. Vitusa Products’ commitment to quality and service has been the most important concern since our inception. During this time, we have built a reputation for consistently delivering quality products and providing the excellence of service that is needed and deserved. As a matter of pride, we will continue to do it right every time now and long into the future. Each one of our products supplied to the industrial or food grade (USP) market will always meet the highest standards.

Headquartered in New jersey, we also have offices in North Carolina, Illinois and California, with warehouses in New Jersey, Illinois, Colorado and California.

Our sales representatives are located in the Carolinas, New Jersey, Illinois and California. We cover the entire United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico.   

Vitusa Products and its sister companies form a diversified marketing and distribution organization, specializing in addressing the needs of its customers while working toward enhancing their business. Vitusa Products is affiliated with and acts as a marketing and distribution

company for many major domestic and foreign pro­ducers. Vitusa Products’ abil­ity to buy and ship products throughout the United States and world markets assures its customers of reliable, long-term source of supply at competitive prices. This is achieved with our established warehouses, bulk storage and drumming facilities, strategi­cally located throughout the United States, and with the added advantage of our own trucking company. Vitusa Products’ commitment to quality goes back to when the company was first formed in 1981. Vitusa Products is dedicated to providing quality and service second to none.

Today, the world is the mar­ketplace, and most compa­nies operate on a global basis. The need to purchase and ship vital raw materials from all parts of the world is becoming more critical to a company’s overall success. Our customers have the advantage of enjoying Vitusa Products’ expertise and global marketing posi­tion, without having to incur the trouble and expense of establishing their own.

Our emphasis is on quality, service and long-term supply at competitive prices. it is with pride that we maintain our emphasis in all cases and throughout all market condi­tions. We serve many cus­tomers in varied industries throughout the U.S. and the world.

We Look Forward To Serving You!



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